The transition of Lagos into a knowledge – based economy requires a new generation of young educated and skilled people. A knowledge based economy requires Lagos to develop its youths into knowledgeable workers, who are flexible and logical to be the driving force for innovation and growth. It has been identified globally that Technical and Vocational Education(TVE) system is one of the most effective source of skilled workforce. Lagos State has therefore placed its TVE system in the front burner for the production of high quality Technical Skills in Construction, Engineering Services, Oil and Gas Services, Hospitality/Tourism, Health and Medical Care, Clothing and Fashion Designing, to mention a few. Thus, the establishment of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board(LASTVEB) charged by the Governor of Lagos State to re-position  Technical and Vocational Education TVE) in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency that will lead to further productivity, self reliance and employability of Lagos youths.

Lagos State has therefore placed its TVE system in the front burner for the production of high quality Technical Skills in Construction, Engineering Services, Oil and Gas Services, Hospitality/Tourism, Health and Medical Care, Clothing and Fashion Designing, to mention a few. Thus, the establishment of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board(LASTVEB) charged by the Governor of Lagos State to re-position  Technical and Vocational Education TVE) in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency that will lead to further productivity, self reliance and employability of Lagos youths.

We don’t teach. We develop what’s already inside you.

We don’t teach. We develop what’s already inside you.

In this regards, the Lagos State Government in April 2012 officially launched the Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (MATP) which consists of School Leavers Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (SL-MATP) and Graduate Vocational Employability Skills Training Programme (GV-ESTP).


These programmes are aimed at addressing the Technical Skills problems and its accompanying youths restiveness. The programmes are to:

  • Ensure adequate skills training
  • Empower youths in Lagos
  • Prepare them for the work place environment
  • Provide work opportunities
  • Keep the youths off the streets.

The Programmes are well established methods of acquiring skills and gaining the knowledge necessary to become skills trained personnel through a combination of practical on-job-training (60%) and intensive in – school technical training (40%).

Our apprentices work alongside experienced staff gaining jobs specific skills and studies towards a related qualification. For us in Lagos State, we have developed an industry-based Technical Competency Skill in partnership with the City and Guilds of London. On completion of the programme, our apprentices will gain experience and skills


The Graduate Vocational Employability Skills Training Programme(GV-ESTP), is an Apprenticeship Training  Programme for Graduates of Tertiary Institutions initiated by  Lagos State Government, approved by Lagos State Executive Council in June, 2011 and launched on the 17th of April, 2012 under the auspices of Lagos State Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (MATP).

It is expected that Trainees have classroom and site based experiences. The Government through a private sector led Industry Advisory Team (IAT) has developed a training manual for the trainees.

GV-ESTP is designed into three phases:

  • Employability and life skills Training
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training

While SL-MATP consists of intensive vocational skills training followed by industrial attachment with partnering industries/companies.

Graduates on GV-ESTP combine Vocational Skills Trainings with Employability and Mindset Changing Training at LASTVEB Headquarters on a nine months intensive intervention programme. They offer Intensive Employability Skills Training in the following courses:

  • Better Communication Skills
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Working to deadlines
  • Problem Solving
  • Reliability and Team Working/Collaboration
  • Personal/Interpersonal Skills
  • Thinking/Information Processing Skills
  • Systems/Technology
  • Progressive Self Awareness
  • Customer Relationship
  • Entrepreneurship in 3 weeks

Hands – on-the – job training of 6-8 months in Vocational Skills Training.

Each programme comprises of highly interactive trade courses namely:

  • Automotive Mechatronics
  • Blocklaying / Concreting And Tiling/Plastering
  • Carpentry/Joinery
  • Clothing /Dress Making
  • Domestic And Industrial  Plumbing
  • Electrical Installations, Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Electronics Appliances, Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Floristry/Floral Design
  • Hair Dressing And Beauty Therapy(Cosmetology)
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Land Scaping and Lawn Care Services
  • Refrigeration and Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Welding & Fabrication

The following programmes are still pending:

  • Computer Animation And Modeling
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Industrial Automation And Instrumentation
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Machine / Spare Parts Production
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Software Applications Design and Development

The Employability Skills Training are taken by professionals in mindset changing trainings. These trainings enable the graduate apprentices to support themselves, their families, increase their quality of life, while ensuring  that employers have access to a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Trainees are assessed on competences that confirm the skills and the knowledge gained as required by employers.

LASTVEB- where little things mean a lot, where theory meets practice. You have to learn if you want to earn.

LASTVEB- where little things mean a lot, where theory meets practice. You have to learn if you want to earn.


Through Vocational Training, Graduates can seek opportunities in the industries, and secure or create employment

  • The programme is not designed to create more Technicians, but rather, more Managers and Entrepreneurs with some technical expertise
  • The Work-Based training programme is designed around the needs of employers.
  • National Vocational Qualification can be achieved on completion and trainees may also pursue globally –recognized City and Guilds Qualification (Optional).
  • Knowledge and Skills are acquired while training on-the-job with recognized companies and Accredited Training Providers.


  • Prospective Trainee must create account on the LASTVEB website,

  • Once the account is activated, application for the programme can be

made and submitted on-line clearly stating whether SL-MATP or GV-ESTP.

iii. The applicants registration is downloaded and shortlisted

  • Aptitude test made up of test in English Language, Mathematics and General paper is conducted for the registered applicants
  • Oral interview is conducted by the industry trainers for all successful


  1. Successful Candidates are notified via e-mail and SMS for commencement of Vocational Training

Note: The on-line application is free of charge and open all the year round.


  1. Admission into GV-ESTP is for graduates of Polytechnics, College of Technology or Universities.
  2. As graduates would – be trainees ought to have completed a year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
  3. All communications with prospective trainees are conducted via e-mail SMS only.
  4. Successful candidates from the selection will now go through 3-weeks compulsory mind-set changing program at LASTVEB headquarters.

Admission Requirement

SL-MATP:  SSCE or its equivalent, O.N.D & N.C.E

GV-ESTP: B.S.c./B.A. from any University and NYSC certificate, HND from any  Polytechnic and NYSC Certificate


  • Student achieve a National Vocational Qualification (VQ) on passing the Examination at the end of the Programme
  • Students also pursue globally-recognized City & Guilds Qualification (Optional)

Duration of The Programme

The length of the  training differs according to trade typically for a total of 9 -12 months including 6 months of intensive theory and practical classes at any of our colleges used as a training centre, followed by 3 – 6 months on-job training at an Industry Partner site


The Graduate Vocational Training Programme has no doubt remarkably achieved its mandate of  providing employability and vocational trainings to graduates, which have enabled them to better see and identify opportunities and requirements of the economy from an entrepreneurial point of view. We are delighted to be part of the reform in wealth creation and technical skills development with more managers and entrepreneurs with technical expertise in skill trade areas providing quality services to Lagos Residents.  The initiative must therefore be sustained and gains of the Programme enhanced through budgetary provisions.

Success Stories

Many of the trainees having concluded their vocational trainings are now gainfully employed in various industries and most have incorporated and established a small business, further creating  employment. They were most preferred because of the sound practical knowledge and exposure to best practices gained from the training and the level of maturity displayed. Some graduate trainees from Clothing/Dress Making who excelled in the training were engaged to facilitate alongside our industry trainers vocational training in Dress Making at GTC Agidingbi. Others  have started to apply their expertise and knowledge in Clothing as vendors to some companies, individuals and private schools. Also, some trainees in Auto Mechanics teamed up to register an auto repairs company where vehicles can be repaired, maintained and regularly serviced. We can not fail to mention the positive impact of this programme on the  trainees in Landscaping and Blocklaying/ Concreting who are out there as landscapers and competent skilled construction personnel.


  1. Yusuf Sadiq

I give thanks to Almighty God for the successful completion of this programme. My sincere  members of LASTVEB(ATP), I say big thank you to you all. During the 3weeks course on Employability & Enterprise at AGDC, Ikoyi.  I was exposed to different facilitators who handled various topics such as Self Awareness, Self Management, Time Management, Customer Relationship Management, Creativity & Problem Solving, Proposal Writing and many more, which inspired me to be focus on whatever am doing, change my reasoning ability as well as improve my human capacity & capabilities.
Right now, I can tell you, Am prospective Manager & Entrepreneur. Thanks to AGDC.

The experience in Automechatronics, has trained me in different aspect on automobile technology. I learnt,
How to diagnose and programme different vehicles.

How to identify various parts of vehicle, replace & repair some of the parts.

Also, how to identify various parts of heavy duty equipment, service and maintenance of the equipment.

It is a great honour for me to participate in the program.

I wish & pray the program continue for young unemployment graduates to have  skills in various aspects they have interest.

2.  Sobogun Kehinde

 My name is Sobogun Kehinde as stated above and I am one of the past LASTVEB Trainees under Clothing/Dress Making.

I am delighted to write down this success story because every of my expectations have been fulfilled after going through the program.
First, I enrolled for the program with an intention of being able to sew cloth for myself. During the training, we were thought on female wears and i was like “when are we going to start men’s wears” and really no space was allotted for such. Yet i  never loss courage but was so focus to learn. Today, I am versatile in doing female’s wears which was not part of my expectations.
After the training, by reason of transference of skill, I am able to do my own clothing which are men’s wears and making money by doing it for other people.
And lastly, I got employment with one of the fashion designers ICON in the country after the training where the acquired skills are applied day in and out.
In conclusion, I want to appreciate everyone behind this program for such a privilege.

  • Clothing/Dress Making

3. Awoyera Peter Olanrewaju

Awoyera Peter Olanrewaju is my name , I am one of the successful trainee of Modern Apprentice Training Program in LASTVEB. I am one of the maiden set of MATP in 2012 to 2013. The intensive training offered by Lagos State  via LASTVEB in both employ-ability and vocational training (e.g Electrical Power, Repair and Maintenance Service) had made me to secure job under Lagos State, Civil Service Commission.  I am deployed to LASTVEB as Higher Technical  Instructor in Government Technical College in 2013 in Electrical Installation and Maintenance works. In 2014 I became one of the facilitator of the MATP in Electrical Power, Repair and Maintenance Service. I was sent for intensive training in India on Electrical Installation and Maintenance works for three weeks in 2015. I have established my company i.e Sound Touch Electrical Technology Ventures offering quality services in  surface and conduit wiring, maintenance and repair of motors and generator (table fan,ceiling fan, pumping machine, generator coil, three phase motors) construction of inverter/ installation, design and implementation of electronics circuit, construction of lighting kiosk or automatic street light, design of automatic battery charger, repair of AVR ( automatic voltage regulator), construction of low voltage panel, construction of star delta starter and AUTOCAD (2D). I also offer training in above mentioned areas. Finally the MATP training I undergone had changed my story to be competent, creative , innovative and industrious. My advice for the graduate seeking for job is to applied for MATP via LASTVEB to turn your story around.  Thanks

  • Awoyera Peter Olanrewaju
  • Electrical Power Repairs and Maintenance Services

4. Kola Eyiolashe

The employability skills training programme (GV-ESTP) was born out of the desire of the Lagos-state government to bring to its bearest minimum the number of unemployed graduate in Lagos state. through technical and vocational education.

With my experience, the programme was a successful one, though there were some challenges but all in all it was good. before we were admitted for the programme an aptitude test was conducted. we were later moved to the after school graduate development center.(AGDC) where we had wonderful facilitators who taught us a lot about business, finance, branding, etiquette e.t.c i personally learned a great deal

After our time at the (AGDC) we were then posted to different technical colleges across Lagos state. at the technical college ikorodu where i was posted. we met with a fantastic great masters, mr shofodunrin and mr adebambo at the plumbing and pipe fittings department we were taught the basic of plumbing and we were also shown some pratical works of plumbing. my attachment to a local plumber gave me a real life pratical works of plumbing.

I have gathered enough experience that will make me undertake full range of industrial and domestic plumbing services and engage in contract business of construction and installation\maintenance of works in mechanical engineering services.

  •  Kola Eyiolashe
  •  Domestic & Industrial Plumbing

5. Okobia Monday Edward

       My success story started fro AGDC, where LASTVEB sent us to acquire more knowledge on  how to be employable, how to market yourself, sell your product, hpw to develop ourself personnaly. After the three weeks programme, we all moved to our  area of vocational interest of which mine is block laying/Concreting and Tiling/Plastering at Ikorodu Technical College for six Months , I decided to specialize in producing blocks because we were taught different areas you can be on your own. I became a block producer, though it could be a little capital   intensive because you need to have a land to start with, though I leveraged on someone that owns a land at Atan-Iju to start the business, I think this  programme would have come before now to me. I have a block industry at Iju-Atan Ogun State. LASTVEB had really thought it very well to have packaged this programme for less privileged people like me.

Again, I want to appreciate LASTVEB, the Instructors at Ikorodu Technical College and Ikotun Technical College for their efforts in the programme. They are not only teachers but entrepreneurial champions in every of my success in block producing.  I Will always remember LASTVEB and  the various industry and college instructors used for the programme for imparting knowledge and their fatherly advice. LASTVEB should try and give more graduates opportunity to partake in this laudable programme, because this will reduce the rate of unemployment in the State. Thank you

  • Okobia Monday Edward
  • Blocklayin/Concrting and Tiling /Plastering

6. Williams Nutsugah

I am Williams Nutsugah, a welder by profession. I graduated from OOU Ago Iwoye about 2 and a half years ago and have been looking for a well paying job all to no avail. Most of us our dream is to get employed immediately after school and start earning salaries.

However, there are some other categories who only want the job no matter how meagre the salary could be. Honestly, I never believed that there are no jobs out there for me until I started roaming about with different write ups of CVs for various companies. Within that period, heaven bears me witness that I did dozens of menial jobs that are not even sustainable. One day, a friend of mine told me about a TV show by AGDC, where they organizers told us to consider training ourselves for job creations. And we were referred to LASTVEB, that there are numbers of Vocational skill

Learning the practical value of knowledge

Learning the practical value of knowledge

One day, a friend of mine told me about a TV show by AGDC, where they organizers told us to consider training ourselves for job creations. And we were referred to LASTVEB, that there are numbers of Vocational skill trainings that might interest us. Most of us grumbled and mumbled about the possibility of any good skill acquisitions coming from this hemisphere without paying money for it.

Oh my God! It was just inconceivable that I was selected after i’d registered with all my credentials. I applied for Fabrication & Welding, a domain i referred to as a virgin-field because of the easy feasibilities and the abundant opportunities embedded in it. I would like to say “well done” to people who came up with this vision to make sure every willing youth is equipped with skills upon their degrees.
To get to this level as a professional welder, I went through AGDC for a month where I acquired the marketing and the managerial aspects of the business(trade), and then proceeded to Government Technical College (GTC) at Ikorodu for the training itself. There, we learned 30% of the skill by theory and 70% practical with total adherence to what welding is about.

My tutor engineer Adegboye(mr i-will-fix-u) made us to see reasons in welding as a profession especially if we know our onions. Throughout the training at GTC Ikorodu, nothing reassured us more than when we are visited by our Director Mr Awoyera, who is most time at the receiving end of our complaints. By and large, From AGDC in Falomo to GTC in Ikorodu, the training has been quite an unforgettable life experience, except for the usual financial challenges we encountered as trainees. And believe you me, most of my colleagues threw in the towel in the course of the training due to varied reasons ranging from ‘my place is far’ to ‘i no get money to com o’. And i admit that it can be very demoralizing at times if one lacks T-fare to go to training.

I was able to sail through because I was tired looking for jobs. And I was determined to keep moving and refused to let my background put me back on the ground. What was so believable and amazing to me is the platform for hand-on-job industrial attachment opportunity provided me with by LASTVEB! Yeah. The same LASTVEB! Straight from MAT(Modern Apprenticeship Training) department if I’m not mistaken. Actually, after visiting a couple of places of my choice for IT, I finally settled in a nearby welding & fabrication shop where I did virtually all the works for the boss often with archaic tools, but he never took me serious because, I might not stay long enough with him. But I kept on going to the shop until I got a call on the 26th of October to come to LASTVEB office immediately. On getting there, i could not believe my ear but i trusted the director that he was serious. In 6days i rallied my colleagues to get ready for real field welding job. And on the 2nd of November, we headed straight to the location where we did real metal construction meant for school. For couple of months, we with some other engineers, worked from morning to evening six days a week just to make our daily target.

The project was really testing and required discipline. From Measuring, cutting, beveling and setting followed by welding then grinding to painting the structure; that demand of promptness, understanding, discipline, consistency and precision kept me on my toes and i was never behind physically or in technical savoir-faire. Infact, at some points I felt like a welding teacher, very teachable too. Now I think I’m really good and ready to create jobs, there’s no way i won’t or i can’t. I’m needed in oil & gas sectors, and i can contribute immensely in any industrial or construction domain with accuracy and durability.

In a nutshell, it is frankly satisfying and a decent morale boaster to finally become a skilled person. I hope others yet-to-be-engaged graduates will grab this opportunity offered by LASTVEB, and identify with a handwork, skill or a trade in order to get their destiny back on track. You can’t afford to wait for handouts. And you can’t afford to stay behind. I also would love situations where those companies sited within the state begin to cooperate with LASTVEB literally, not only on webpages but also to begin to engage this skilled graduates in order to make sense of government local content act. I therefore would like to say kudos and a very big thanks to the former Lagos state governor now minister of power & housing his excellency Babatunde raji fashola SAN, the present governor Accountant Akiwunmi Abode(atide!!) and the entire management of LASTVEB-MAT lead by the Executive Secretary Engineer Gasper, the director pastor Awoyera, Mrs Alimi, Mr Marcus and all other persons I failed to mention God bless una oo. Your team is good.

  • Williams Nutsugah
  • Welding & Fabrication

7. Fatogun Ronke

The MATP employability and enterprise skills training I received has redefined my life in immeasurable ways. I learnt both business and personal development skills. The training helped me identify my abilities and howe those abilities to become skills. For example, I never knew I had such a good presentation and teaching skill until we had a group project where I represented my group. I didn’t believe the result myself.
With all of the soft skills training I received I now understand and speak the language of the 21st century, which is VALUE.
The vocational training (Clothing & Dress Making) was amazing. We were trained by a renowned Fashion Designers, ItuenBasi and her team. We were trained on standard industry practice, the proper way it should be done.
I was able to perform well as a Production Manager of one of the biggest fashion houses in Nigeria, all thanks to the skills I acquired in the course of this program. I am currently a fashion instructor for the MATP.
I’m most grateful to God, Lagos State Government,  for this applaudable initiative and the industry partners for this life changing experience.
God bless Lagos State. God bless Nigeria.

  • Fatogun Ronke
  • Clothing/Dress Making

8. Eniola Seriki

I joined the skill to study block laying, concreting, tilling and plastering, inter-lock laying and setting and block making. Indeed am so grateful to Lagos state government for the program. This program has given me a very big opportunity to empower people with this skill of mine and i can also build and supervise building project as well. Also looking forward to Lagos state government in support of my organisation

  • Eniola Seriki.
  • Blocklaying & Tiling/Concreting/Plastering
  • 08070517165, 08024665556

9. Jinadu Damilare

Indeed, the journey of a thousand miles always seem impossible at the very beginning..Though there were obstacles along the line with the very many critics of the programe (GV-ESTP), yet it produced a desirable result.

I am particularly grateful to Lagos State Government, LASTVEB & AGDC for putting up a laudable program such as this even at the time when vocational training is a necessity towards ameliorating the increasing unemployment in our country, Nigeria. I joined the scheme to study AUTOMECHATRONICS and today i am glad to announce that I have a workshop with three staffs and six apprentices and with at least five clients now (e.g swipha, Nestle, etc) and with the hope of expanding with the necessary support from the state government.

Hope for the youths coming behind: There’s every possibility for every Nigerian youth to rise above their circumstances and achieve success if only they are dedicated and passionate about developing necessary skills  to outshine in their chosen career.

  • 07030119825

10. Olufunsho Odushe

In the bid for self-development and advancement, I resorted to skills acquisition programme with special interest on plumbing services. With my interest I surf the Internet where I got to know about the Graduate Vocational Employability Skills Training Programme (GV-ESTP) for several vocational trade trainings which include Domestic and Industrial Plumbing, under the auspices of Lagos State Vocational Board (LASTVEB). The programme was a value-added programme to me. During the training I was able to acquire lifelong technical skills on plumbing services. The training exposed me to the trade principles which include work methods and technical skills needed in handling equipment and tools used in offering plumbing services. Also, the training prepared me for the work situations that I am currently encountering after the training.

Taking it to the next level, together with a friend and a co-trainee we have just registered a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Hietiks Services Ltd; we want to render High Ethics Services on Building Mechanical Engineering Services (Plumbing Services) in the building construction industry.

I appreciate the GV-ESTP. It is a laudable programme which deserves more and special attention from the government to keep the flame aglow. As one of the pioneers of this commendable programme, I say WELL DONE to LASTVEB.

11. Osunjimi Kehinde

The LASTVEB training has placed on my hand what I can live on for a lifetime. This training has brought about a good turn around in my life. The first phase of the training which is at AGDC made  me to realize and also changed  my orientation about time while the second phase of the training which is Dress Making of 9 months has placed in my hand what I can live on forever. The trainers are the best and they gave the basic knowledge that I need to be a fashion designer of an international standard.

I am using this medium to say thank you and God bless the following Lagos State Government, LASTVEB staffs and my trainer in person of Ituen Basi,

  • Osunjimi Kehinde A.
  • Clothing/Dress Making
  • 07082621749, 07064449817

12. Funto Thompson.


I joined the Lagos State Graduate Vocational Training Programme (GV-ESTP) training programme in order to improve my skills as a cosmetologist and the package I got was far beyond my expectations.

The first step of the programme was the mental assessment towards my chosen vocation; this made me evaluate what I taught I knew, thereby giving me new insights about myself and my ability to run a business.

The second step was the personal and business development workshop which was immensely beneficial to my growth as an entrepreneur. I learnt enterprise skill; not just   how to start a business but also how to build it to the point of profitability.

At the third stage I went through intense hands-on training both theoretical and     practical in my vocational sector (cosmetology).

I have immensely benefited from the entire programme hence my extreme gratitude to the Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board (LASTVEB) for ensuring that people are given the opportunity to empower themselves.

I have put to good use all that I have learnt at the programme and I currently run my own Spa and Beauty business, consisting of a head office and a branch (sales outlet) with staff and apprentices.  I have been able to grow and sustain my business so far with all that I learnt during my training.  I have also learnt through my experience at the programme that;

A SKILLED entrepreneur is indeed a STRONG entrepreneur.

Click HERE to register for Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme – MATP