School Building

Lagos State Government Technical College Odomola (formerly, Lagos State Industrial Manpower Development Centre during inception) was established on 22nd October 1984. The Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry made the move for its establishment and it got the blessings of the State Government.

The College is situated at Odomola in Eredo Local Council Development Area of the State which is about 96 kilometers away from the city of Lagos. The College covers an area of about 50 hectares at present, five blocks of workshops, one prototype building having classrooms and laboratories, large administrative block and a modern Blocklaying and Concreting Workshop constructed by the College students and supervised by Julius Berger construction company.

At the time of inception, there were 200 students with two occupational trades – the Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice and Electrical Installation Works and Maintenance. At the moment, the occupational trade in the College has risen from 2 to 15. Presently, the student’s population is 686 while the staff strength is 71.

Our Vision

Promote Utilitarian Education for National Development.

Our Vision

Promote Utilitarian Education for National Development.



  1. Blocklaying & Concreting
  2. Furniture Craft Practice
  3. Painting & Decorating
  4. Plumbing & Pipe Fitting
  5. Carpentry & Joinery


  • Self Employed
  • Seek For Employment From An Organization
  • Further Studies-NCE- Tech, Polytechnic, University etc.


  1. Electrical Installation
  2. Radio & Television
  3. Motor Vehicle mechanics
  4. Mechanical Engineering Craft
  5. Fabrication & Welding
  6. Computer Craft Practice


  1. Catering & Hotel MAmagement
  2. Leather & Foot Wear

Staff in The College

  1. Olayiwola I.O             –           Principal
  2. Ogundana J.O            –          Vice Principal Administration
  3. MrAdeyeye O.O.        –           O.S. Electrical Installations
  4. Oyekanmi O.J.           –           H.O.S. Mechanical Engineering Craft
  5. Oke B. Oludele           –           H.O.S. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  6. Adeosun                      –           H.O.S. Painting & Decorating
  7. Olasubulumi              –           H.O.S. Furniture/Carpentry
  8. LAwal H.O.                –           H.O.S. Radio & Television
  9. Ogunsanwo                –           H.O.S. Computer Craft
  10. Osiyemi                      –           H.O.S. Blocklaying & Concreting
  11. Gnenle S.O.                –           H.O.S. Plumbing & Pipe Fitting
  12. Olubanjo O.O.           –           H.O.S. General Education
  13. Miss Awotoye O.R.   –           O.S. Catering & Hotel Management
  14. Alademerin                –           H.O.D. Construction Trade
  15. Orikpete Alex            –           H.O.D. Engineering Trade
  16. Durowaiye A.             –           H.O.D. Sciences
  17. Olufowobi L.A.          –           Examination Officer
  18. Kareem L.K.               –           SIWES Coordinator