• The Procurement Unit of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board (LASTVEB) was created following the establishment of Public Procurement Agency on the 2nd of April, 2012 under the Lagos State Public Procurement Law, 2011 (the Law). and the subsequent directive by the Head of Service of the State that Procurement Units should be established in all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies accordingly.
  • The Executive Secretary, being the Accounting Officer of the Board, is saddled with line supervision of the conduct of all procurement processes of the Board in accordance with the provisions of the Procurement Law.
  • The Procurement Office handles the procurement workloads, reviews the procurement process proposed under the annual plan and provides assistance to the Board’s team on interpretation and application of the Procurement Law and Regulations.
  • The Board, with the support of the procurement unit, the procurement planning committee, shall prepare the annual procurement plan with the corresponding Budget for the year.
  • Parastatal Tenders’ Board shall have power to award and be responsible for the procurement of goods, works and services within the benchmark set in the Regulations to the Procurement Law.


  • Procurement planning and processing for the activities under its responsibility, in coordination with the Accounting Officer;
  • Translating Annual Budget of the Board to procurement Plan;
  • Ensuring due process and value for money in the Procurement of works, goods, and services of the Board ;
  • Handling the procurement workloads, review the procurement process proposed under the Annual Procurement Plan;
  • Providing assistance to the entity’s departments/units on interpretation and application of the Procurement Law and Regulations;
  • Liaison with the Lagos State Public Procurement on procurement related issues as and when necessary;
  • Supervising performance of contracts with suppliers, contractors, service providers, and consultants;
  • providing the secretariat to the entity’s procurement team for its Procurement Activities within the purview of the Public Procurement Act, 2011.


The Procurement Unit reports to the Executive Secretary of the Board. It is through the Executive Secretary that the Unit relates with other Departments and Units of the Board and the Public Procurement Agency.

The Executive Secretary (Accounting Officer) supervises the conduct of all Procurement activities and also liaise with the Lagos State Public Procurement to ensure the conduct of all procurement activities are in compliance with all extant rules and regulations.


  1. Mr. Olanrewju, Abiodun – Deputy Director( Procurement). 
  2. Mrs. Abatan Mariam Abidemi- Procurement Officer II