Modern Apprenticeship Training and Programme (MATP) Unit

The transition of Lagos into a knowledge – based economy requires a new generation of young educated and skilled people. A knowledge-based economy requires Lagos to develop its youths into knowledgeable workers, who are flexible and logical to be the driving force for innovation and growth.

It has been identified globally that Technical and Vocational Education(TVE) system is one of the most effective source of skilled workforce. Lagos State has therefore placed its TVE system in the front burner for the production of high-quality Technical Skills in Construction, Engineering Services, Oil and Gas Services, Hospitality/Tourism, Health and Medical Care, Clothing and Fashion Designing, to mention a few.

Thus, the establishment of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board(LASTVEB) charged by the Governor of Lagos State to re-position  Technical and Vocational Education TVE) in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency that will lead to further productivity, self-reliance and employability of Lagos youths.

In this regards, the Lagos State Government in April 2012 officially launched the Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (MATP) which consists of School Leavers Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (SL-MATP) and Graduate Vocational Employability Skills Training Programme (GV-ESTP).


These programmes are aimed at addressing the Technical Skills problems and its accompanying youths restiveness. The programmes are to:

  • Ensure adequate skills training
  • Empower youths in Lagos
  • Prepare them for the workplace environment
  • Provide work opportunities
  • Keep the youths off the streets.

The Programmes are well-established methods of acquiring skills and gaining the knowledge necessary to become skills trained personnel through a combination of practical on-job-training (60%) and intensive in – school technical training (40%).

Our apprentices work alongside experienced staff gaining jobs specific skills and studies towards a related qualification. For us in Lagos State, we have developed an industry-based Technical Competency Skill in partnership with the City and Guilds of London. On completion of the programme, our apprentices will gain experience and skills


The Graduate Vocational Employability Skills Training Programme(GV-ESTP), is an Apprenticeship Training  Programme for Graduates of Tertiary Institutions initiated by  Lagos State Government, approved by Lagos State Executive Council in June, 2011 and launched on the 17th of April, 2012 under the auspices of Lagos State Modern Apprenticeship Training Programme (MATP).

It is expected that Trainees have classroom and site-based experiences. The Government through a private sector led Industry Advisory Team (IAT) has developed a training manual for the trainees.

GV-ESTP is designed into three phases:

  • Employability and life skills Training
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training

While SL-MATP consists of intensive vocational skills training followed by industrial attachment with partnering industries/companies.

Graduates on GV-ESTP combine Vocational Skills Trainings with Employability and Mindset Changing Training at LASTVEB Headquarters on a nine months intensive intervention programme. They offer Intensive Employability Skills Training in the following courses:

  • Better Communication Skills
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Working to deadlines
  • Problem Solving
  • Reliability and Team Working/Collaboration
  • Personal/Interpersonal Skills
  • Thinking/Information Processing Skills
  • Systems/Technology
  • Progressive Self Awareness
  • Customer Relationship
  • Entrepreneurship in 3 weeks

Hands – on-the – job training of 6-8 months in Vocational Skills Training.

Each programme comprises of highly interactive trade courses namely:

  • Automotive Mechatronics
  • Blocklaying / Concreting And Tiling/Plastering
  • Carpentry/Joinery
  • Clothing /Dress Making
  • Domestic And Industrial  Plumbing
  • Electrical Installations, Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Electronics Appliances, Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Floristry/Floral Design
  • Hair Dressing And Beauty Therapy(Cosmetology)
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repairs And Maintenance Services
  • Land Scaping and Lawn Care Services
  • Refrigeration and Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Welding & Fabrication

The following programmes are still pending:

  • Computer Animation And Modeling
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Industrial Automation And Instrumentation
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Machine / Spare Parts Production
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Software Applications Design and Development

The Employability Skills Training are taken by professionals in mindset changing training. These training enable the graduate apprentices to support themselves, their families, increase their quality of life while ensuring that employers have access to a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Trainees are assessed on competences that confirm the skills and the knowledge gained as required by employers.


Through Vocational Training, Graduates can seek opportunities in the industries, and secure or create employment

  • The programme is not designed to create more Technicians, but rather, more Managers and Entrepreneurs with some technical expertise
  • The Work-Based training programme is designed around the needs of employers.
  • National Vocational Qualification can be achieved on completion and trainees may also pursue globally –recognized City and Guilds Qualification (Optional).
  • Knowledge and Skills are acquired while training on-the-job with recognized companies and Accredited Training Providers.


  • Prospective Trainee must create account on the LASTVEB website,
  • Once the account is activated, application for the programme can be made and submitted on-line clearly stating whether SL-MATP or GV-ESTP.

iii. The applicants registration is downloaded and shortlisted

  • Aptitude test made up of test in English Language, Mathematics and General paper is conducted for the registered applicants
  • Oral interview is conducted by the industry trainers for all successful


v. Successful Candidates are notified via e-mail and SMS for commencement of Vocational Training

Note: The on-line application is free of charge and open all the year round


  1. Admission into GV-ESTP is for graduates of Polytechnics, College of Technology or Universities.
  2. As graduates would – be trainees ought to have completed a year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
  3. All communications with prospective trainees are conducted via e-mail SMS only.
  4. Successful candidates from the selection will now go through 3-weeks compulsory mind-set changing program at LASTVEB headquarters.

Admission Requirement

SL-MATP:  SSCE or its equivalent, O.N.D & N.C.E

GV-ESTP: B.S.c./B.A. from any University and NYSC certificate, HND from any  Polytechnic and NYSC Certificate


  • Student achieve a National Vocational Qualification (VQ) on passing the Examination at the end of the Programme
  • Students also pursue globally-recognized City & Guilds Qualification (Optional)

Duration of The Programme

The length of the  training differs according to trade typically for a total of 9 -12 months including 6 months of intensive theory and practical classes at any of our colleges used as a training centre, followed by 3 – 6 months on-job training at an Industry Partner site


The Graduate Vocational Training Programme has no doubt remarkably achieved its mandate of providing employability and vocational training to graduates, which have enabled them to better see and identify opportunities and requirements of the economy from an entrepreneurial point of view. We are delighted to be part of the reform in wealth creation and technical skills development with more managers and entrepreneurs with technical expertise in skill trade areas providing quality services to Lagos Residents.  The initiative must, therefore, be sustained and gains of the Programme enhanced through budgetary provisions.

 Staff in The Department

  1. Awoyera J. Oluremi               –         Director
  2. Kolapo Jelili Oladapo               –       Asst. Director
  3. Tewobola Marcus T                –        ICT Officer
  4. Fatogun Oluronke O.             –        Fashion Instructor
  5. Abayomi Omolola O               –        Fashion instructor

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