The Admin and Human Resources Department is one of the statutory Departments of the State Technical and Vocational Education Board Headquarters. As in other Ministries, Departments and Agencies, It is a very important Department that earnests the Human and Material resources for the achievement of the organizational goals of the Board.

The Department has the following Divisions that drive its mandate towards achieving the global goals of the LASTVEB.

  1. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
  2. Human Resource Measures and Accountability
  3. Employee Relations
  4. General Administration
  5. Learning and Development.

The Department is presently headed by Mr. Adewumi (Click here for Mr. Adewumi’s Profile), a Director of Admin and Human Resources, a well ground Officer with experience of many years gotten across many Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

He is supported by other officers that work in various units of the Department.

For ease of administration, the Department is divided into (i) A & HR I – Headed by Mr. Adewale L.A. an Assistant Director (Education) on Grade Level 15 and (ii) A & HR II Headed by Mr. Morolari A.O. a Chief Education Officer on Grade Level 14.

Mr. Oguntade P.D. is another Officer that head the learning and Development Unit. He is a Chief Admin Officer on Grade Level 14.  Other officers in the Department are

  1. Mr Adeniyi O  Principal Admin Officer, GL 12
  2. Mrs Dabiri A principal  Executive Officer 1 GL 12
  3. Mr Oladeinde O  Principal Work Superintendent GL 10
  4. Mrs Abdulraheem A  Senior Executive Officer 1 GL 09
  5. Mr Lawal A  Admin Officer I GL 08
  6. Mr Ademoye A.O Higher Executive Officer GL 08
  7. Miss Oladejo Y.I Assistant Executive Officer GL 06

The Department also supervises some casual officers that are needed to carry out certain auxiliary job.

These are:

  1. Mr Adepoju Adekoso – Driver
  2. Mr Egbetola Olusola – Technician
  3. Mr Duduyegbe -Dispatch Rider
  4. Mrs Olawale -M.F Cleaner
  5. Mrs Oyedele Christiana -Cleaner
  6. Mrs Oluwalogbo Folashade – Cleaner
  7. Mr Adegbile Kasim Kolawole – Neighborhood Security
  8. Mr Daniyan Adeniyi -Neighbourhood security
  9. Busari Liadi -Night Guard